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Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy (MOCP) | 200 Hours

Certification Programme P500

Centre for Mindfulness has partnered with the Holistic Psychotherapy Centre to offer the Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling and Psychotherapy (MOCP) Programme. This 200 hours course is designed to inspire and equip therapists with mindfulness practices and methodologies, enhancing the depth and efficacy of their work with clients. Mindfulness not only aids psychotherapists and counsellors in cultivating self-presence and compassion but also serves as a tool for stress relief and resilience, essential in the challenging field of therapy. This course aims to empower therapists to integrate mindfulness into their practice, enriching both their professional journey and the therapeutic experience of their clients.

Who is this for?

Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. 


This certification is intended exclusively for use in professional mental health practice. It does not qualify you to lead 8-week mindfulness courses or any other mindfulness-based programs. If you are interested in conducting 8-week mindfulness courses, please enroll in our Mindfulness Teacher Training course.

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​​Course Overview

The curriculum is structured into six course modules, each targeting different aspects of mindfulness and therapy. To obtain certification, participants must complete all courses and fulfill the prerequisites. The program can be completed in a minimum of 6 months. If you have completed similar courses or equivalent, you will be eligible for exemption from these course modules. 


M101 -

Foundations of Mindfulness

​The Certificate course in Foundations of Mindfulness, is an enriching journey designed to deepen your understanding and practice of secular mindfulness. This comprehensive course is structured to provide a holistic view of secular mindf​ulness, covering its origins, development, and applications in modern times. 


M102 -

Facilitating Mindfulness Practices

This course is designed for those aspiring to guide others in the journey of mindfulness. This course is tailored to equip you with the essential tools and skills necessary to become an effective mindfulness facilitator, whether in educational, therapeutic, or organisational settings.

Attentive Therapist

M501 -

The Mindful Therapist


  1. Cultivating Personal Mindfulness Practice

  2.  Integrating Mindfulness in Therapeutic Relationships

  3. Mindfulness-Based Interventions

  4. Therapist Self-Care and Mindfulness

  5. Case Studies and Applied Learning

Couples Counseling

M502 -

Tailoring Mindfulness Across Various Life Stages and Effective Session Planning


  1. Understanding Mindfulness Across Life Stages

  2. Adapting Mindfulness Techniques for Different Age Groups

  3. Incorporating Developmental Psychology in Mindfulness Practice

  4. Interactive and Practical Approaches

  5. Ethical and Culturally Sensitive Practices

 Young Woman Contemplating

M503 -

Mindfulness for Clinical Interventions


  1. Foundations of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

  2. Integrating Mindfulness with Traditional Therapies

  3. Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Specific Disorders

  4. Measuring and Evaluating Outcomes

  5. Case Studies and Role-Play Exercises

Child Therapy

M504 -


30 hrs of practicum for one-on-one therapy session with Mindfulness components

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 ICIP-CPD Accreditated Programme


Obtain IMTA Credential of CMF

Enrolment Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

Diploma or degree with instructor led classes (not pre-recorded) in social work, counselling, psychology,  psychotherapy, psychiatry or related field

Minimum Age Requirement


English Language Requirement

GCE ‘O’ level English (grade 1 to 7) or equivalent; OR IELTS score of 5.5; OR Post-Secondary Qualifications, where certified that English is the sole medium of instruction; OR An equivalent of English language qualification


  • Attended and completed an instructor led 8 week mindfulness course such as MBWE,  MBSR, or MBCT amongst others

  • ​A minimum of 2 years regular mindfulness meditation practice

  • Attended a 5-day or longer mindfulness meditation retreat with a qualified instructor

  • Diploma or degree with instructor led classes (not pre-recorded) in social work, counselling, psychology,  psychotherapy, psychiatry or related field

Mode of Assessment

  • End of course quiz will be opened to students only at selected dates/time, and only upon successful completion of the quiz can students proceed to the next course.

  • Feedback from Supervisors and Peers on Practical Demonstrations

  • The evaluation process for teacher practicums is multi-faceted, involving direct observation, feedback mechanisms, self-assessment, and formal testing based on the MBTL-TCF.

2024 - MOCP Timetable

Meditation Group

Course Fee*



Depending on your country of residence, you may qualify for a discount ranging from 20% to 35% off the standard fee. Please provide proof of residency to determine your eligibility. Contact us for more details.

*The course fee does not cover textbooks. Students are required to purchase the necessary textbooks prior to the start of the course.

For International Students

For Singapore Students

How to Apply

Please make the payment for the non-refundable application fee of S$50 using the form below. After completing the payment, submit the following six pieces of information via email to

Application Fee
Payment receipt

Updated Resume
indicating your Country of Residence

 8 week Mindfulness Live/Onsite Course
Certificate of Completion 

5-day Mindfulness Retreat
Certificate of Completion

100 to 200 word personal statement
about your intentions to join this programme

Degree/Diploma in Mental health field

Enrolment Application

Please complete the form and make the payment.

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