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Globally Accredited Mindfulness Training Academy 

Earn Globally Recognised Credentials

Live, Interactive Class Instruction

Learn from Experienced Faculty

Flexible and Intensive Learning Pathways

Cultivating Mindfulness Teachers Since 2017

Why Us?

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IMTA Accredited Mindfulness Training Provider

Faculty from Diverse Backgrounds

Ethics-Informed Mindfulness Approaches

Confluence of Eastern & Western Approaches to Mindfulness

Self-Paced Learning with Live Instruction 

Learn to teach Mindfulness to diverse populations

Courses Developed from Years of Industry Expertise and Evidence

The Mindfulness Academy, founded by the Centre for Mindfulness (Singapore), serves as a comprehensive hub for professional mindfulness training. We are proud organisational members of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) and a globally accredited provider of mindfulness teacher training. Our Academy specialises in offering mindfulness training tailored for professionals.

Our programs are meticulously crafted in alignment with the Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning: Teacher Competency Framework (MBTL-TCF), ensuring they meet the highest standards of educational excellence.

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Mindfulness Teacher

Based on the Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning: Teacher Competency Framework (MBTL-TCF) by MacPherson and Rockman (2023)


Relating to Participants

Guiding Mindfulness Practices

Conduct Post-practice Inquiry

Conducting Investigative Inquiry

Differentiating Learners

 Enhancing Relational Learning

 Designing Curriculum/Intervention

 Applying Scientific Literacy

 Embodying Mindfulness

 Reflecting on Practice

 Practicing Ethically

Why People Choose To Attend Our Mindfulness Teacher Training Programmes?

Accredited programmes by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA)

One of the few training programmes across the globe that balances Eastern and Western approaches to mindfulness

Learn to teach research & evidence-based secular Mindfulness to all audiences, not limited to people with clinical needs such as Stress, Depression, Anxiety etc.

An array of intensive and comprehensive programmes

The programmes are designed based on the Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning - Teacher Competency Framework  (MBTL-TCF)

Develop facilitation skills unique to Mindfulness for leading groups and individual coaching

Learn to integrate mindfulness into other professional disciplines and design mindfulness curriculum for diverse audiences

Our Publications

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Introducing Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement

book image

Mindfulness for the Family

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Mindfulness in 8 Days

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My First Book of Mindfulness 

How to Select the Right Course for Yourself?

  • 1.  Choose a Course That Matches Your Interests
    You can choose a course based on your interest in learning or teaching mindfulness. For those primarily interested in learning mindfulness, we recommend starting with M101: Foundations of Mindfulness. If you are looking to teach mindfulness, your choice of course should align with the specific audience you aim to instruct. Consider the following target groups: - Students (children and youth): SMF - Workers/Employees: OMI - Clinical Populations: MOCP - General Public (All populations): MTT You can select the course that best fits the needs of the audience you wish to serve from Our Courses page.
  • 2. Check if you Meet the Pre-requisites for Enrolment
    Every course or certification has specific pre-requisites. Please review the pre-requisites on the course page to ensure you meet the requirements. If you have not yet met the pre-requisites, we encourage you to work towards fulfilling them before applying to enrol in the course. If you believe your prior experience or expertise may qualify you for an exemption, please contact us to determine if you are eligible for such exemptions.
  • 3. Verify the Tuition Fees for Your Selected Course
    You can find the course fees in each course page. Eligible candidates may qualify for the following discounts: - Those currently serving marginalised communities and intending to teach mindfulness to them may be eligible for a 50% discount. - Residents of certain low-income economies could receive a fee discount ranging from 20% to 35%. If you meet any of the above criteria, please contact us to explore the specific fee adjustments available to you.
  • 4. Submit your Application for Enrolment
    You can express your interest in enrolling by sending us an email or scheduling an appointment to speak with our Learning Consultant.

What is Mindfulness?


“It's a great course”

I got much more from the course than I expected. I highly recommend it.

Bia Burin

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

“they teach you all aspects of Mindfulness”

 I can recommend this course,

because they teach you all aspects of Mindfulness, and both the teachers are very open-minded and very helpful in every way

Inge Freeth

Academy Student

systematic, well organised and consistent

The MTT [teacher training] training ....., far surpassed my expectations. I have learnt so much and feel a definite shift in my outlook and daily behaviour.


Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

Our Certification Courses

MTT - Mindfulness Teacher Training

An Intensive Globally recognised Programme for everyone. Accredited by International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA)

MOCP - Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

An Intensive Programme for Psychotherapist Professional Development & Therapist-Client Wellbeing

OMF - Organisational Mindfulness Facilitator Training

A Comprehensive Programme for Professionals. Supports creating in-house capacity for workplace mindfulness training.

SMF - Schools Mindfulness Teacher Training

A Comprehensive Programme for skills to instruct mindfulness within schools or other child and youth-focused educational settings.

Our Faculty

Dr. Kathirasan K

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) | Qualified Supervisor (IMTA) |


(PhD, CMT-P)

Dr. Christopher Willard

Psychotherapist |

Registered Counsellor |



Dr. Sunita Rai

Clinical Psychologist |

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) | Clinical Supervisor | Lecturer | Author

(PsyD, CMT-P)

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