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Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE)

Certificate Course M201

The Certificate Course in 'Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE)', is a comprehensive program designed for those interested in deepening their understanding and application of mindfulness-based programs and intervention in the context of wellbeing enhancement. 


Who is this for?

This course is ideal for educators, mental health professionals, coaches, and certified mindfulness teachers seeking to teach the MBWE and/or mindfulness-based programs.


​​Course Overview


01 -

The Mindfulness-Based Program (MBP) Pedagogy

Delve into the educational framework and teaching methodologies specific to Mindfulness-Based Programs. This section will cover the foundational principles, the structure of MBP sessions, and the strategies for effective facilitation of insights.


02 -

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning: Teacher Competency Framework (MBTL-TCF)

Explore the MBTL-TCF, a framework that outlines the competencies essential for mindfulness-based teachers. This component of the course emphasises the development of specific skills and attitudes required for effective mindfulness teaching, ensuring high standards of instructional quality and participant engagement.

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03 -

The 8 Week MBWE Curriculum

Examine the core curriculum of the 8-week MBWE program, delving into its similarities and differences compared to the first generation of Mindfulness-based Programs. Each week's content is designed to progressively build participants' understanding and practice of mindfulness, with a specific focus on enhancing wellbeing. You will learn about the themes, practices, and objectives for each week.

Group Therapy

04 -

Resources for an 8 Week Programme for Participants & Teachers

Gain access to a comprehensive set of resources tailored for both participants and teachers of the 8-week program. This includes guided meditation scripts, handouts, readings, and practical tools to support the learning and teaching process.

Mind Relaxation

05 -

Generating Insights through the Skills of Inquiry

Develop the skill of inquiry, a critical component in mindfulness-based programs. Learn how to facilitate insightful discussions, encourage self-exploration, and guide participants in reflecting on their experiences. This skill is vital in helping participants internalise and integrate mindfulness practices into their lives.


9 Weeks

(Weekly live classes)

Contact Hours

31 hrs

Learning Mode


(Online Live Instruction and E-Learning)


2 Times a year

Mode of Assessment

  • End of course quiz will be opened to students only at selected dates/time, and only upon successful completion of the quiz can students proceed to the next course.

  • Feedback from Faculty and Peers on Practical Demonstrations

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Upon completion, learners can progress to the following courses:

M301 Designing & Facilitating Mindfulness Programs


100% Online and Live Instructors


Progress to obtain the
credential from IMTA


In order to complete this course, learners have to ->

Pass the end of course quiz and practical demonstrations

Fulfil attendance requirement of minimum

Enrolment Criteria

Minimum Qualifications

Successfully completed Secondary or High School education

English Language Requirement

GCE ‘O’ level English (grade 1 to 7) or equivalent; OR IELTS score of 5.5; OR Post-Secondary Qualifications, where certified that English is the sole medium of instruction; OR An equivalent of English language qualification

Minimum Age Requirement


Prerequisite Course Completion ^:

  • ​​Course M101 - Foundations of Mindfulness or equivalent

  • Course M102 - Facilitating Mindfulness Practices or equivalent


  • Achieved CMT-P certification in another Mindfulness-Based Program.

^ If you have completed similar courses or equivalent, you will be eligible for exemption from these course modules. 

M201 Timetable - 2024

Meditation Group

Course Fee

Depending on your country of residence, you may qualify for a discount ranging from 20% to 35% off the standard fee. Please provide proof of residency to determine your eligibility. Contact us for more details.

*The course fee does not cover textbooks. Students are required to purchase the necessary textbooks prior to the start of the course.

How to Apply

To register or to check the applicable fee for you, write to us by submitting the form below. Please include the following details in the message:

- Course Name

- Course Run of your choice

(Eg. M201-Run 1 from the above timetable)

OR schedule a 30-min call with us below to know more.

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