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Facilitating Mindfulness Practices

Certificate Course M102

The Certificate Course in 'Facilitating Mindfulness Practices', a specialised program designed for those aspiring to guide others in the journey of mindfulness. This course is tailored to equip you with the essential tools and skills necessary to become an effective mindfulness facilitator, whether in educational, therapeutic, or organisational settings.

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​​Course Overview


01 -

Formal, Informal & Routine Mindfulness Practices:

Delve into the various types of mindfulness practices. This module helps you understand and distinguish between formal mindfulness practices, informal mindfulness activities that can be integrated into daily life, and the incorporation of mindfulness into routine activities.


02 -

Tools for a Mindfulness Teacher

Equip yourself with the tools and resources essential for teaching mindfulness. This includes understanding the use of the tools and its implications.


03 -

Principles of Guiding Mindfulness Practices

Learn the foundational principles of effectively guiding mindfulness practices. This involves understanding the importance of presence, skills, and adaptability in teaching, and how to address the needs of participants.

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04 -

Learn the Skills of Facilitating 15 Formal and Informal Mindfulness Practices:

Gain hands-on experience and receive feedback as you learn to guide a comprehensive set of 15 different mindfulness practices. This practical section focuses on building your skills in facilitating these practices, understanding their unique aspects, and learning how to teach them effectively to various groups.

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05 -

Learn the Skills of Bringing Mindfulness to Routine activities:

Transform everyday tasks into mindful moments with practical guidance and immersive experiences. This essential part of the course focuses on integrating mindfulness into daily routines such as washing dishes, engaging in conversations, writing emails, showering, brushing teeth and hair, folding clothes, and cooking.

Throughout the course, you will engage primarily in practical training. The emphasis is on developing the ability to skilfully guide others in their mindfulness journey. Whether you are looking to incorporate mindfulness into your professional practice, or wishing to become a dedicated mindfulness facilitator, this course offers a rich and comprehensive pathway to achieving your goals. The course will contain practices, demonstrations and feedback from peers and the instructor.


6 Weeks

(Weekly live classes)

Contact Hours

24 hrs

Learning Mode


(Online Live Instruction and E-Learning)


2 Times a year

Mode of Assessment

  • End of module quiz will be opened to students only at selected dates/time, and only upon successful completion of the quiz can students proceed to the next course.

  • Feedback from Faculty and Peers on Practical Demonstrations

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100% Online and Live Instructors


This course is a prerequisite for all certification pathways accredited by the IMTA

Upon completion, learners can progress to the following courses:

M201 - Foundations of MBWE

M500 - Mindfulness Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy (MOCP)

M301 - Designing & Facilitating Mindfulness Programs

M600 - Teaching Mindfulness at Schools

M700 - Teaching Mindfulness at Workplaces


In order to complete this course, learners have to ->

Pass the end of course quiz and practical demonstrations

Fulfil attendance requirement of minimum 80%

Enrolment Criteria

Minimum Qualifications

Successfully completed Secondary or High School education

English Language Requirement

GCE ‘O’ level English (grade 1 to 7) or equivalent; OR IELTS score of 5.5; OR Post-Secondary Qualifications, where certified that English is the sole medium of instruction; OR An equivalent of English language qualification

Minimum Age Requirement


Prerequisite Course Completion ^:

Course  M101 - Foundations of Mindfulness or equivalent

^ If you have completed similar courses or equivalent, you will be eligible for exemption from these course modules.

M102 Timetable-2024

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Course Fee

Depending on your country of residence, you may qualify for a discount ranging from 20% to 35% off the standard fee. Please provide proof of residency to determine your eligibility. Contact us for more details.

*The course fee does not cover textbooks. Students are required to purchase the necessary textbooks prior to the start of the course.

How to Apply

To register or to check the applicable fee for you, write to us by submitting the form below. Please include the following details in the message:

- Course Name

- Course Run of your choice

(Eg. M102-Run 1 from the above timetable)

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